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5-in-1 Toy Cube

Easy for carry & storage

Abacus - 100 beds

This abacus with solid rubber wood frame is very stable


A practical & fun toll to help children understand

Abacus Beads

These abacus beads are perfect to teach children basic...

All Out

The fun way to learn basic skills in maths

Aquatic Counters

These colorful manipulatives are great for imaginative...

Balance Puzzle Beam

?Balance Puzzle Beam?: Sports & Outdoors.

Base Ten Set

This durable, multicolored plastic base ten set includes...

Blackboard Ruler Set

Set square with 60 angle for use on boards. The product is...

Circle Balance Pan Set

Students will balance shapes on the pan balance apples to...

Cotton Reel with Laces

Plastic Cotton Reels in different colours are perfect for...

Count & Match Numbvers

55 wooden ring & 20 square pieces included


100 assorted plastic counters (23mm diametre), with a hole...

Counting Numbers

Different shapes, sizes & colors gives hours of fun

Decimal Pocket Chart

Decimal Pocket Charts are a clear and convenient way to...

Deluxe Balance Kit

Pan Balance, number balance, abacus and more.

Dinosaur Counters

Combine early math with imaginative pre-historic play with...

Farm Animals Counters

These farm animal counters are including a cow, horse,...

Fraction Circle Set

Students discover various equivalency models with these...

Fraction Pocket Chart

Convey a concrete understanding of equivalencies using our...
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