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Magnifying Glass - Ladybug

This lovely, natural wood magnifying glass is perfect for...

Threading Play Hands

Early Learning String Little Hands

Shape Block Puzzle

Extra thick wooden pieces, easy for little baby to take.

Measuring Jugs

Basic Mathematical Concepts, Fine Motor skills, Counting...

Trundle Wheel

Almighty intelligent teaching aid

Math Skills with Tiles

Perfect fot pre-number & number skills

Fruit Counters

Colorful counters are perfect for all of your counting and...

Geometric Solids Set - 6...

Dense foam shapes are durable for long term classroom use...

Fraction Tiles

Fraction Bars are a type of mathematical manipulative. They...

Practice Maths at Home -...

Develop conceptual understanding of the meaning of Addition

Aquatic Counters

These colorful manipulatives are great for imaginative...


Your children's first introduction to shapes

Shape Sorting cart

Pull the cart with these blocks to get more funs.

Cotton Reel with Laces

Plastic Cotton Reels in different colours are perfect for...

Student Clocks - Set of 6

Demonstrate time-telling concepts while students follow...

Maths Balance

Educational Toys Planet welcomes a really exciting toy that...


A practical & fun tool that uses coloured rubber bands

Math Memory

Learn & Master Addition & Subtraction facts upto 10!

Weighted Bears for Use With...

Bears for sorting, counting, sizing and color identification

Geometric Solids Set - 5cm 17...

View-Thru Geometric Solids - 17 pcs.
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