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Tangram - Small

At some point in your life, probably in school, you have...

Fun with Time

Helps children gain a firm understanding of time

Circle Balance Pan Set

Students will balance shapes on the pan balance apples to...

Abacus Beads

These abacus beads are perfect to teach children basic...

Quiz Time

Time is running out on you

Wire Beads Table

Knee High Table - Puzzle wire maze with wooden beads

Magnifying Glass - Ladybug

This lovely, natural wood magnifying glass is perfect for...

Deluxe Balance Kit

Pan Balance, number balance, abacus and more.

Threading Play Hands

Early Learning String Little Hands

Let's Measure

24 two piece self correcting match-ups

Teacher's Demo Clock

Students Math Clock Model Three Pin Linkage Clock Model...

Shape Sorting cart

Pull the cart with these blocks to get more funs.

Blackboard Ruler Set

Set square with 60 angle for use on boards. The product is...

Cotton Reel with Laces

Plastic Cotton Reels in different colours are perfect for...

Fun with Sizes

Match objects of each set by size

Fraction Circle Set

Students discover various equivalency models with these...

Counting Numbers

Different shapes, sizes & colors gives hours of fun

Measuring Spoons Set

A measuring spoon is a spoon used to measure an amount of...

Geometric Lacing Button with...

Multi-purpose manipulative - sorting and classifying by...


A practical & fun toll to help children understand
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