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Fun with Fractions

A fun way to learn Fractions!

Wild Animals Counters

Our soft and colourful Wild Animal counters are made from...

Geometric 3D Shapes - 4...

These 3D Shapes will reinforce key maths concepts such as...


A fast moving game for + - x /

Shape Block Puzzle

Extra thick wooden pieces, easy for little baby to take.

Time Match

20 Sets of three piece activity cards

Measuring Jugs

Basic Mathematical Concepts, Fine Motor skills, Counting...

Sorting Tray

Learn to sort by by size, shape and color. Entertains...

Trundle Wheel

Almighty intelligent teaching aid

Student Clocks - Set of 6

Demonstrate time-telling concepts while students follow...

Number Match

20 Sets of three piece activity cards

Maths Balance

Educational Toys Planet welcomes a really exciting toy that...

Threading Lacing Buttons with...

Multi-purpose manipulative - sorting and classifying by...


A practical & fun tool that uses coloured rubber bands

Tangram - Small

At some point in your life, probably in school, you have...

Fun with Time

Helps children gain a firm understanding of time

Circle Balance Pan Set

Students will balance shapes on the pan balance apples to...

Abacus Beads

These abacus beads are perfect to teach children basic...

Quiz Time

Time is running out on you

Wire Beads Table

Knee High Table - Puzzle wire maze with wooden beads
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