About us

The Corner Bookshop CC is a pioneering and leading company specializing in the distribution of library information resources, Audio-visual resources, print resources and E-resources. We supply quality educational material to schools, teachers, libraries, exhibitions and the home. We also do supplies of library resource material and educational toys.

The Corner Bookshop was formed in 2007 to meet the demands of the new democratic South Africa and the impact on Education in South Africa. The company was formed as a Black Economic Empowerment Educational Company based on their desire to see the best material available in the marketplace reaching the poorer sectors of the South African community and thereby making a marked impact on the industry.

Currently we are operating with four staff members. Two as admin and sales staff and two are part time employees assisting on dispatch and driving. Our company has 100% black staff.                                                                                

Our aim is to bring both quality yet affordable material to all sectors of our economy and to work with schools, libraries, tertiary institutions and parents to improve the quality of education in our country.

Our product range includes Adult fiction, adult and children’s encyclopedias, large print, E-books, DVDS, Audio books, Science kits, math kits, reading material, science encyclopedias, educational toys, fiction and non-fiction readers, fiction novels, math’s programs, study guides, maps, Library Management Software, dictionaries, atlases, and CD ROMs. We are the sole supplier of these products.

We also have an office dealing with client and publisher support, accounts and queries as well as a distribution warehouse that has stock from all our publishers readily available as we pre order stock so we are able to fulfill all orders timeously. We also have a dedicated team to provide extensive customer support.